Roadmaster Digital Block Control System

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Updated on24 February 2014

Yahoo Digital-Block-Control User's Group

Thanks to fellow DBC'er Bob Fallier for launching and maintaining the new Yahoo site.

Wireless Walk-Around Controller!

Our long-awaited Wireless (RF) Handheld Walk-Around Controller is now available.

Anodized Aluminum Front Panels

We have re-designed our Front Panel using anodized aluminum and razor-sharp graphics.  New systems ship with this new panel.  Replacement panels are now available!

System Power Supply

Our new system power supply is rated at 100W and at a more economical price!  For G scale, that equates to nearly 6 Amps, in HO and N scale over 5 Amps, and for Z scale - well let's just say enough to power the most massive of empires!  With this new power supply, there is no need for dual power supplies per Block Controller.  In fact, except for G scale, we recommend one power supply per 2 Block Controllers and with two separate outputs, wiring multiple Block Controllers is very easy.

Latest System Firmware Update

Version 6.42 features full support for our new Wireless Walk-Around Controller.

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In the Works:

Turnout Signal Module to operate double target signals.

Latest Firmware:

System "Chip" Version 6.42

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