Roadmaster Digital Block Control System

Roadmaster Train Controller


System Components

Front Panel Controller
The 'brains' of the system houses the upgradeable system memory as well as your own layout configuration.

Each train, up to 99, can be selected and individually controlled; either manually, automatically, or semi-automatically.  Each train's running characteristics and performance parameters are also entered into the system via the Front Panel Controller.  The Front Panel also shows the location of each train and the location of any system overloads or shorts.

Master Block Controller
The 'brawns' of the system - monitors the location of each train in each block and routes the power to each block as each train travels across the layout; seamlessly matching voltage and polarity for each individual train for each block.

5 Amp System Power Supply
Our new system power system provides all the power needed to power the system as well as the optional Signal Modules and the new Wireless Controller.


Miscellaneous Cables & Hardware


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